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Copyright for all the audio and text resources published on this site remains with Roy Clements. Permission is granted for unlimited private use. Permission is required for other kinds of use or publication. Enquiries should be made via the ‘contact us’ page above.

The audio sermons on this site are almost entirely digitalised versions of analogue cassette tapes recorded live at Eden Chapel, Cambridge between 1979 and 1999. The quality of these original recordings varies greatly, and in some cases is very poor. Some sermons are also missing. If you have access to better or missing recordings, please contact us.

Inevitably, a small number of the sermons collected on this site deal with biblical passages that touch on the subject of homosexuality. Some of these addresses date from the period before Roy discovered he was gay; others come from the time in the late 80’s when he was working through his own sexuality and what the Bible said about it; and there are a substantial number of sermons from the 90’s, when his opinions had firmly changed. No doubt, acute listeners will detect hints of this evolving private background to Roy’s public ministry. However, it is important to state that, throughout his time at Eden Chapel, Roy took the view that he was accountable to a team of church elders for what was said in the pulpit, and that he had no authority to use his privileged position to call into question the church’s public stand on doctrinal or ethical issues. He believed that this ‘cabinet’ responsibility within the eldership limited his freedom to declare his own mind on the controversy about homosexuality. Some may see this as hypocritical, but for Roy it was a matter of principle. As a result, no expression of his personal views on the subject will be found prior to his being ‘outed’ in 1999.

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