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The official and most comprehensive sermons archive for Roy Clements. It includes hundreds of mp3 sermons as well as digital editions of most of his books.

Welcome to my archive!

Here we have most of the resources produced during my career. I hope you find them useful and come back often as more are added. The materials available on the site are divided into three sections:

SERMONS: this section contains audio-recordings of addresses. Most are sermons preached during my pastorate at Eden Chapel in Cambridge, England (1979-1999). You can listen to them online or download them.
BOOKS: this section contains my books which are now out-of-print. Most were published in the 1980’s and 1990’s. You can download them in pdf format.
PAPERS: this section contains the texts of articles and sermons, including more recent ones.

What is Government for?

  • In preparation for a general election: Jeremiah 22

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